The concept of Breathwork encompasses a variety of techniques, all centered around the art of breathing. These techniques collectively serve as tools for enhancing your overall well-being, both mentally and physically. Essentially, they involve engaging with the human nervous system, which profoundly influences the functioning of both body and mind. Numerous scientific studies have validated the mental advantages, such as stress reduction and insomnia prevention, as well as the physical benefits, including pain alleviation and a bolstered immune system.

This empowering practice has been known for centuries, its wisdom gradually disseminating, and a multitude of individuals now reaping its rewards. Think of it as an avenue for welcoming life energy or vital force into your body and soul, instilling equilibrium. Permit your breath to draw awareness into your body and mind, allowing the very act of breathing to activate your innate healing process from within.

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Åndedræt & Sauna

Åndedræt & Sauna

Dato: torsdag d. 9. november – Tid: Kl. 18.30 til 20.30

Åndedræt og Sauna.

Efteråret er årstiden, hvor vi giver slip. Ligesom….

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