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Åndedræt & Sauna

Åndedræt & Sauna

Dato: torsdag d. 9. november – Tid: Kl. 18.30 til 20.30

Åndedræt og Sauna.

Efteråret er årstiden, hvor vi giver slip. Ligesom….

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Soul Creations

My artistic practice is a source of empowerment in my life. It’s a therapeutic journey where creativity flows, releasing tensions and sparking curiosity for vibrant beauty. This process feels almost spiritual as I connect with my essence and the energies around me. From this space, my paintings emerge, vivid and figurative, offering a glimpse into my inner world. Each painting resonates with a unique vibration that invites you to connect. I work mainly with acrylic on canvas, occasionally exploring oil paint and colored chalk.

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About Karina-viyola

I’m Karina-Viyola, a Body Therapy yoga instructor and breathwork facilitator who’s also passionate about painting. I believe in the wisdom of the body and the magic of the present moment, viewing it as a path to cosmic consciousness. My goal is to help you explore your true self through yoga, breathwork, meditation, and ceremonies, fostering self-love and a deeper connection to life. Embrace your inner teacher and empower yourself to live a vibrant, colorful life.

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